explore the 5 elements

Each person has a primary constitutional element. Receiving treatment on this element results in profound changes to our current circumstances. Many chronic issues may simply resolve, and our emotional state will benefit profoundly. The goal of 5 element treatment is to support the patient where they are in health. Rather than chasing the many sympsoms of disease, 5 element supports the strengths and authentic self. Strengthening the true self, on the constitutional element, causes a chain reaction where non authentic patterns will fall away.

The five elements exist in relationship to each other. The creation cycle is: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood--in that order. The controlling cycle is Fire, metal, wood, earth, and water.  Keeping the relationship between these elements in harmony is the primary goal of acupuncture. The way we do this is by supporting the primary element.

Each person has one element that predominates and which drives their life. This element likely emerged young in life, where the interpersonal dynamics were in full force. 

We developed our element as a way to seek authenticity in ourselves. It is a wonderful gift. The wisdom of nature and our element helped us survive our entire lives, and gave us the power to thrive.


A fire person is all about joy, connection, laughter, vulnerability, one on one connections. There is elation, there is also a rise and fall. it cannot always be a blazing fire. Fire needs to rest. The season of fire is Summer. The primary emotion is Joy, or lack of joy.


Metal people are all about grief, loss, and appreciation for the very essence of life. Their season is Autumn: a time of  beautiful ending. The primary emotion of metal is grief. 


Water people are all about vigilance, fear, depth of understanding, and intensity/drama. Water can be playful, but also incredibly powerful and forceful. A water person often thinks about resources and having enough. The season of water is winter, a time of austerity and simplicity. The primary emotion of water is fear, or vigilance.


Wood people are all about vision, striving forth, assertion, springtime, growth, and benevolent action. The season of wood is spring time. The primary emotion is anger, or frustration.


Earth people are all about comfort, community, integrity, completion, circular thinking. The season of earth is not a season, but the transition between seasons. Earth is the seeking of balance in times of disharmony. The primary emotion of earth people is Sympathy, or consideration.